Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thank you Paper and Stitch!

Brittni from Paper and Stitch was so kind as to
feature the shop on her blog the other day. I love the blog, Brittni has a great design sense and I always like the beautiful things she features.

I'm so horrible, I completely forgot to post a huge thank you also to Irene from Bloesem for featuring me awhile ago. I was so pleasantly surprised to see myself on her blog! It's one that I read daily and am constantly inspired by, so it was just awesome to be featured. Thank you so so much Irene!
I'm so sorry I didn't post that thank you sooner... My brain has been scrambled mush for the last month. We've decided to move back to our hometown in Iowa, so needless to say things have been stressful, what with house buying, packing and dealing with our job situations. Chicago has been amazing for us but we've taken a second look at our priorities and have decided that Iowa is the best place for us to raise our family. We miss being close to our family and friends and miss the simple things, like big open spaces for running and kite flying, seeing the stars and catching lightning bugs. It's hard to do that in the city, not impossible but hard. Some people do very well in the city with families, we've just decided it's not for us right now.

We'll hopefully be moving the first week of September and I'll close the shop for that week so we can get settled in. I've got some new things in the works for the shop that I'm really excited about and some new prints that will have to wait to be listed until then.

I'll be back on the blog in the next day or two to share with you my latest obsession...

Sunday, August 10, 2008