Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 Before Thirty

I'm sad I haven't posted in awhile, things are crazy over in the June Craft household lately. I'm working on new projects for the shop and even a super secret, super awesome project that I hope I can share with you soon. I've also been working overtime with my full-time job (yuck) so, everything is "in-progress". I'm ready for things to settle down so I can finish something already! Speaking of finishing things...

Ever since I turned 29 in June, I've been working on a "30 Before Thirty" list. I finally finished it and I thought I'd share it with you seeing as I now only have 10 months to accomplish everything on here. I know these lists are becoming a tad cliche but to be honest I needed something to really push myself. I wish I could say I was excited about entering my thirties but to be honest, I don't really know how I feel about it. I know that it's no where near being "old" but at the same time it does feel old. Silly, I know. I'm hoping that tackling this list will help me see that there really is so much life left to live, so here's my list!

1. Get more tattoos

2. Grow my hair

3. Learn to spin yarn

4. Overcome my fear of flying (I'm TERRIFIED of flying)

5. Print the millions of photos on the computer and make my kids photo books

6. Design a line of fabric

7. Finish sewing something for ME

8. Eat better (Less Processed)

9. Talk a walk at least twice a week

10. Design a sewing pattern

11. Refurbish the bathroom

12. Knit a sweater for myself

13. Pay off our two credits cards

14. Bake a pie from entirely from scratch

15. Have a date night with my husband (more than once would be great)

16. Have a family portrait taken

17. Finish decorating the master bedroom

18. Finish reading the Harry Potter series ( I have this thing about not wanting things to end...)

19. Watch Man Men (people keep telling me I'll love it)

20. Take better care of my skin (actually buy some good products)

21. Redesign blog

22. Knit one pair of socks each month for the next year

23. Print and frame my wedding pictures (I got married 9 years ago, seriously, it's about time)

24. Pay my library fines and use the library

25. Write more thank you notes

26. Ride a roller coaster (I'm TERRIFIED of roller coasters)

27. Go on a vacation

28. Learn to make a martini

29. Make pasta from scratch

30. Read at least one book a month