Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Doodle-day!

This morning I've been doodling away whilst waiting for files to save, print, send, talking on the phone etc. I haven't put pen to paper in a LONG time and it feels so goodt. Last year when the Etsy shop was in full swing, I was sketching almost daily, coming up with new ideas for prints and products. I guess somewhere along the line I just lost my mojo and it's been a tough battle to get it back. I have to be honest, I didn't know if I'd ever draw again. The sewing and knitting has been going famously and that's been enough of a creative outlet to keep me from totally going bonkers. But, my friends this feels great! Drawing feels great. So, fingers crossed, maybe I'll have some new artwork to be able to include in the shop re-launch. It would be a wonderfully motley group of handmade goodies and drawings. That sounds just about right to me. Let's hope my mojo decides to stick around.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneaky Hexagons

I'm becoming rather obsessed with these little hexagons. A few years ago I would have found the process tedious and mind-numbing but these days that's exactly the kind of project that soothes me. It's wonderful to get all my little hexes cut and put my feet up with a movie on the computer and sew away. And what am I doing with all of these? Well, that's a surprise... but there's a sneak peak at something that will be a part of the store re-launch.

I'm slowly wading my way through ideas and getting things made. The products have a totally different vibe than I had originally planned but I've kind of let my inner muse do the driving and I'm finding myself enjoying the ride. The only rule I have is that I'm not purchasing any more fabric or supplies... everything I make is from recycled materials or stuff that I have on hand. This can be limiting but also rewarding when I figure out how to do something a different way to make it work. I love this process even though it can be daunting at times and I'm slowly inching my way towards the shop re-opening. It'll be exciting when it finally happens!