Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Desktop Background

I've been reworking a lot of old patterns in new color palettes and thought this one would make the perfect Spring desktop background. I've been really drawn to super saturated, eye-popping colors lately. Like, need your sunglasses to view, colors. A few months ago I was pretty sure that I would just walk away from my previous style and old work but going through old files I've realized that would be like walking away from your family or a relationship that you've spent years and years cultivating. There's lots of life left in my old work, lots of work that I never did anything with. I know I seem so indecisive these days but I know lots of creative people are like that. It's easy to get bored or feel like you just want to be somebody different. I'm at this super weird crossroads and I'm not sure what path to take, or what I really want to do with myself. But rather than waiting around for the epiphany, I'll just keep on keeping on and see where it takes me.

I hope everyone is well and is enjoying the blooms of Spring and that you enjoy this background!
(Click on the appropriate size below to download the background)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kids Clothes Week - Day 6, 7 and Beyond

After the great Blogger crash last week I'm a bit behind posting my sewing progress. Thankfully all my missing posts came back so I can keep moving forward without any hiccups! The end of the week and weekend were pure craziness so I got very little sewing done. Daddy had three band gigs so I was "in charge" all weekend and we all were under the weather. I did manage to eek out this Ice Cream Tunic from Oliver + S for the big girl. I did a pretty piss poor job of cutting the fabric so there's a lot of areas where stuff doesn't quit line up right. The kid thinks it's cute though so that's all that matters!

There is a lot of talk of sewing burnout after this amazing week but I have to say I feel quite the opposite. I feel invigorated and ready for more! It's so nice to finally have time to spend with my lovely Bernina. I picked up a few new Oliver + S patterns today so I can make a few more things for the big girl. Her summer wardrobe is pretty pitiful so far and there's not much room this year in the clothing budget. I've challenged myself to try to reduce my fabric stash by 1/2 before I buy any new fabric. Not only to reduce clutter around here but to save money. I've got so much beautiful fabric, it needs to be used! And my girls aren't getting any younger, at this rate they'll be in high school tomorrow and I'll still have all this fabric laying around that I'd intending to make them wee little dresses with.

Last week I also started a quilt for the aforementioned big girl's birthday which is coming up quickly. There's some precious bits of Heather Ross's Far Far Away II in there and so far I'm loving it. I was going to make the entire quilt these 4.5" blocks but now that I see it up on my temporary felt wall, I kind of like the way the white border is looking. So now I'm thinking I may add some chunky borders around this color square of patchwork.

AND I have a pile of plushies all cut out and ready for sewing. They'll be in the shop in the next few weeks. Exciting times!