Thursday, July 15, 2010

New in the Shop

Just popping by to tell you about the new design in the shop. Plush folk guitars for your budding rock star! And, there's a new little school of crinkle fish too! See them here. The rest of the plushies will have to wait to be added to the shop next week. It's been an incredibly busy week with my full-time job workload so I'm a bit behind with everything else. I'm taking a vacation day tomorrow and we're taking the kids to the zoo and science museum! Yay for a little mini vacation. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Creative Space

I had planned on waiting to share the finished office re-do until it was well, finished. I'm just too excited though to worry about the details that will take me ages to complete so, here it is...

It was probably the most ambitious project I've tackled so far in this house and it was worth every bit of work and money. I did it on a teensy budget and only spent about $350 to do it. Not too shabby. I repainted the ceiling bright white and the walls a super yummy light peach and papered two of the walls with vintage wallpaper. (Thanks to all that make recommendations on which wallpaper I should choose! ) The whole room is so bright and cheerful, how could you not be creative in here!? The thing that made the hugest difference was taking about that monster shelving unit. Remember what it looked like? It was amazing how big and open the space felt once that was gone. I am missing the storage though already and there are a few things that still need homes but I'll get there. All of the fabric that was on the shelves in now in the cabinets below the massive new sewing / cutting table. I haven't used the table yet but I can just tell it's going to be perfect. I've even got a corner for storing all the shop inventory in one spot, yay! I'm horrible at keeping paper trails of what I have in stock so this is the perfect system for me. I can quickly see what I've got and it's easy to grab stuff to wrap up and ship it out. Even the babe has a little nook for toys and a place to sit when she's a little older. The big girl already loves to snuggle up here and read to her baby sister. All-in-all, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It's seldom that things turn out in real life exactly how they do in my brain but in this case I have to say, it's EXACTLY how I imagined it! There is still some finishing trim to put up, some artwork to buy and hang and some boxes of things to put away but like I said, I'll get there. Thanks so much to everyone who gave me their wonderful suggestions. I definitely used some of those great ideas.

Fresh off the Machine!

Some super happy new screen printed bibs have been added to the shop! My babe has been wearing some like these for awhile now and we love them. They wash up really well, are quite absorbent and are cute to boot! Check 'em out here.