Friday, April 9, 2010


I figured I needed to post about these before Easter is a distant memory. I made these for my girls for their Easter baskets and if I hadn't waited until the very last minute to make them would have had a blast with them. I used the Hop Skip Jump Jack Rabbit pattern here. It's such a beautiful pattern, so detailed and clear to understand. What's better is that I had everything on hand to make these so they were just the cost of the pattern. They need just the tiniest bits of scraps and it was so fun finding bits of my favorite fabrics to use. I also bought the Poppy doll pattern and hope to make a few for the girls' birthdays. They're such beautiful patterns and would make wonderful gifts.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's Done!

This was by far the most ambitious quilt I've done to date and I loved every moment of working on it. I love each and every wonky corner and crooked stitch. It's got soul and it's exactly what I envisioned. We've all been arguing over who gets the privilege of cuddling under in during TV time each evening. It's a fairly small quilt, more like a lap quilt than anything but that made it not seem so daunting. I'm almost sad that it's done but that just makes me even more excited about starting a new quilt.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspired Mondays

This week I'm inspired by my wonderful family. We had a super fun day yesterday and it was just the thing I needed to feel refreshed and ready to tackle another week. My amazing mother had a whole egg dying station set up when we arrived complete with stickers and letters and the Martha Stewart Easter magazine open for inspiration. There were some incredible ideas in there and we tried many of them. These were by far the coolest eggs we've ever done and were so much more fun than the kits that you buy. This will definitely become a tradition.

I sat and finished the binding on my circle quilt (yay!) while the boys watched golf. My parents bickered minimally, my brother moaned about his hangover all day, my big girl hunted for jelly bean filled Easter eggs, I gain 3 lbs (ack!) from all of the wonderful food my mother cooked and my baby girl ate her first short bread cookie. We watched Funniest Videos and laughed together while eating home made coconut cake.

My family isn't perfect, we've had our share of drama and we may not alway understand each other. But oh, there is so much love and support. And the history we have is priceless. I wouldn't trade those crazy people for the world.