Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Necklace

This week has been "trying" to say the least and my dears, it's only Tuesday. So today I needed a little pick-me-up. I showered and actually got dressed in something other than "comfy clothes" and just that little step has made a world of difference. Yesterday afternoon this beautiful necklace arrived and I knew it was just the thing to help beautify my world today. It's a custom embroidered necklace by Corinne of September House. (shop here) I wish I could get a better photo but it's insanely hard to take a photo of something around your own neck, haha! (Disclosure: I did get a better photo but it was mostly boob so I opted not to post that one :) The stitching is tiny and oh so perfect. It was such a pleasure opening the beautiful packaging and an even bigger pleasure to put this beauty around my neck. I hope you'll stop by Corinne's shop and pick up something lovely for yourself.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Before and After - And a Giveaway

Instead of my regularly scheduled "Inspired Monday" post I have something a little different to share. I picked up these plastic wall hangings at the Goodwill this weekend for $1.99 and decided to give them a shiny new coat of paint. Granted the "before" wasn't bad (the top picture) but we've got so much brown, gold in the house now that I wanted to inject a little color for the spring season. I was able to get away with one of the teeny cans of spray paint for $2.50, so all in all the project cost me less than $5 which in my book is a success. The color I picked ended up matching the vintage paint by number I picked up during the same trip as well as the blue in the curtains pretty perfectly. I think my decision to paint them was a good one and now this little corner feels very happy. This little spot is the landing at the top of the stairs leading to our bedroom and my office. So, it's a spot I pass by dozens of times a day. I've been searching for ages for the perfect thing to hang there and I really think that this arrangement fits the bill perfectly.

In other news, this week marks my 2nd blog birthday! I can't quite believe it's been that long and although I did take a rather extended leave of absence last year I still think it's cause for celebration. I would like to give away a free print from my Etsy shop to 2 readers but there's a teeny bit of work involved. I would like for you to share a favorite spring / summer recipe. I've got my favorites that come out every year but I'd like to try some new things and I'm so excited to start seeing all of that fresh seasonal produce at the farmer's markets. So, share a recipe and be entered to win a free 5x7 print of your choice from the shop! I will randomly pick the winners next Monday the 19th. I can't wait to see what you all have to share!!

(Edit: If you don't cook much still share something that you like to eat in the Spring and Summer to be entered!)