Monday, January 11, 2010

Sneaky Hexagons

I'm becoming rather obsessed with these little hexagons. A few years ago I would have found the process tedious and mind-numbing but these days that's exactly the kind of project that soothes me. It's wonderful to get all my little hexes cut and put my feet up with a movie on the computer and sew away. And what am I doing with all of these? Well, that's a surprise... but there's a sneak peak at something that will be a part of the store re-launch.

I'm slowly wading my way through ideas and getting things made. The products have a totally different vibe than I had originally planned but I've kind of let my inner muse do the driving and I'm finding myself enjoying the ride. The only rule I have is that I'm not purchasing any more fabric or supplies... everything I make is from recycled materials or stuff that I have on hand. This can be limiting but also rewarding when I figure out how to do something a different way to make it work. I love this process even though it can be daunting at times and I'm slowly inching my way towards the shop re-opening. It'll be exciting when it finally happens!

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