Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We're Busy Bees

Sorry I've been a bit absent the last week, there are lots of big goings on in the JuneCraft household that I can't disclose just quite yet. There hasn't been much time for crafting but I have been working on patterns and drawings for new prints. The pretty new print above is destined to be fabric and probably a gocco print. There are lots of new things in the works for the shop but it'll be a little while before I do another update. (Again because of the mysterious goings on I mentioned) I'm shooting for sometime in August for a smallish update and September for a larger one.

I've also been working on figuring out the logistics of carrying larger amounts of fabric in the shop and for now it just doesn't make financial sense. Mostly because there are soooo many patterns that I want to print. I'll have such a hard time committing to four or five patterns that I would have to in order to print larger quantities. For now I'll continue to order and list smaller amounts (FQs) here and there which will allow me to have lots of patterns and continually update the shop with new stuff. Of course if anyone would like larger amounts we can do a custom order no problem, the same also goes for anything sold out. I'm hoping when Spoonflower comes out of beta things will be much easier, fabric will come quicker, things may get cheaper and hopefully there will be more fabric choices at some point. (I would LOVE to do some linens!)

I must get back to work work but I'll check in again sometime soon!

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