Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots of Boxes and No Microwave

I've been absent from this blog for much longer than I had originally intended. It seems that moving to another state is a much bigger undertaking than I thought. Even though we had plenty of forewarning, lots of packing waited until the last possible minute. The moving itself was a comedy of errors. The movers were an hour late, not everything fit into the truck (one of those things being our microwave which I've missed more than I ever would have thought), and we were late to the bank to close on our house. It was such a mess. But, it's behind us and we have ourselves an adorable new house. It needs some work and I'm going to try to chronicle some of our efforts here in making this house a cozy home. Right now there are still tons of boxes to unpack so I probably won't have the shop up and running for another week or so. I hope to at least be back with a proper post with pictures in the next few days. I received some new goodies in the mail that I need to share!


  1. Hi June ! Welcome back !
    Oh, I'm so sorry for all the troubles during your move ... grr there's always something that has to go wrong, it seems. I hope you'll settle nicely in your new home ! Can't wait to read more and to see more too ! :) Best wishes ! And good luck with the boxes, I feel for you ! *Ü*

  2. welcome back to blogland... good that you have moved and are happy in your new house... we just moved 3 weeks ago and its hell even though we only moved across town.

    When I was five we moved from New York to California, my parents, me, 3 cats, 3 dogs, and a big jade plant in a camper truck with an 8 track that kept breaking down as we drove across country... it was great for me. Well except for the time the jade plant fell on me, that wasn't so great really... :o)


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