Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweetly Brilliant

I've started one of these.
Such an amazing idea to write down all those funny little things that kids say and throw them in a jar to be revisited later when those magical moments have been forgotten. Or, as Brooke says they're good for a chuckle when you're having a crummy day. I just have a few slips of paper so far but it's already made me more mindful of the limited number of days we have with our children. It goes so fast and some of these things are just too precious to get lost in whirlwind.


  1. what a lovely idea.. I will have to mention that to my husband. H says loads of silly little things and its lovely to hear how his mind works. one of my favourite was about a camping trip to wales last year. A woman in the camping store asked where he was going camping. and in all seriousness that a then 3 year old could muster he said. "We're going to Dolphins!" bless

  2. I have just found your blog, and l love your work, so just saying hi! I will be back, your design work is amazing.

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  4. oops, sorry I messed something up there- accidentally deleted my comment :/
    anyway what a brilliant idea! I am definately going to do this, however I think I might open it up in the future to find some of my own childlike comments written by my husband in there!


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