Friday, October 17, 2008

A Trio of Terrariums

The weather today isn't exactly the best for taking pictures but I was just too excited about these to wait for better picture-taking weather! I've been obsessing about terrariums for awhile. There's something just so magical about them, which I understand is kind of wacky. I've been coveting one for myself for awhile, specifically one from Made by Mavis. She has some amazingly gorgeous terrariums in her shop. Unfortunately funds are limited so I decided to try and make my own. While mine aren't quite as nice I'm thrilled to bits with them! For about $16 I was able to make three of them. The moss was free and pulled right out of my side yard, as were the rocks and soil. I bought some activated carbon from a pet store and found the jars at the thrift shop for $.99 a piece. The best part I think are the tiny ceramic mushrooms that I bought from Mudpuppy, here. How stinkin' cute are those!? If these keep doing well and don't die (like every houseplant I've ever had!) I really want to make more for Christmas gifts. It's just so wonderful to come into my office in the morning for the work day and see these little happy bits of green.

It's rainy and dreary just like outside in the tiny terrarium today.
Look! I have a slug friend! He crawled out into the open for the first time today much to my surprise! He must have been in the soil that I dug up under the moss. I was really quite worried about him until I did some slug research and found that he should actually thrive in this environment. I really think he needs a name...


  1. I think you should name the slug Ceril.. or perhaps Simon... they look lovely aside from the slug.. I'm not terribly keen on slugs.. especially not those huge banana slugs.. *girly eep*

  2. they look great! we have a terrarium that my 4yo son insists on filling with dinosaurs. cute, but i think i need to make one for myself. those mushrooms are adorable! and i agree. slug friend needs a name!


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