Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creative Block

I fee like I've hit a brick wall today. I don't know if it's the dreary weather that's doing it but I just feel "blah". The day job has been sapping my energy and I'm just sitting here spinning my wheels and getting no-where. Even my computer has picked up on the mood around here and is refusing to send emails because my box is too full. And my office has gotten messy to the point that I'm digging through piles to find things, Time to clean. Ugh. I've got so many ideas running around in my head it seems like they've created a nice log-jam and absolutely nothing is getting through. Trying to manage the need to be creative to earn my paycheck and the want to be creative making my own things is usually a challenge that I enjoy but not today. I just want to curl up with a good book and not think about anything. Okay, I'm done whining for the day. Maybe some hot, homemade soup would do me some good. I think I'll make a trip to the store.

**Made some deliciously creamy chicken noodle soup and served it over mashed potatoes. Seriously the best cure for the mid-week blahs ever! The whole family agreed it was the perfect fare for this wet, cold day. **


  1. Hello, there! You need to send that recipe along for the long, cold, wet winter we're expecting here in the Netherlands. I am sure the miserable weather is contributing to your (and our computer's) funk. Just know you're not alone! Hope things are brighter tomorrow.

  2. you had a better day than I did.. I got a migraine for no reason.. though thank god it wasn't the worst I have had. touch wood... sometimes you do need to curl up with a good book, favourite or trashy .. or even a magazine, sit down in your favourite chair/sofa/bed, with a cup of coffee/tea/hot cocoa. or have a nice bubble bath and relax fall into your book and not think for a little while.

    I made some potato and onion soup a few days ago and it was all gone the next day, even H liked it.. though probaby because it had tons of chedder in it.


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