Thursday, March 11, 2010

Summer Sewing

Over the weekend I took a break from sewing for the shop and was able to do some sewing for my girls. I've got so much fabric that I've hoarded over the past few years I'm going to try to make most of their summer wardrobes, to reduce the size of my stash and to save some money. I'm absolutely tickled with how this little top came out for baby M. It was so simple and the best part, it only took be about an hour from start to finish. I used this pattern from Heidi and Finn and I can't rave enough about it, or all of her patterns for that matter. You don't need a serger because all of your rough edges are encased in the bias edging and it just looks so "finished". I've had this cute japanese linen fat quarter for ages and the 6-12 month size used every bit of it. I lined the top with a vintage gingham. The instructions were so easy to understand and not once did I have to second guess what was going on like a lot of patterns I've used. I highly, highly recommend any of her patterns for adorable kid's clothes. I also made this top over the weekend for the big girl. I'm hoping to get an action shot of that one before I share it. It was a huge success though and it's been worn several times since.

In other news, it's been a bit of a rough week. I been fighting a little bit of a sore throat and it just seems that the universe is out to get me. Today though, I'm optimistic. We opened the windows for a bit to let in some fresh air even though it's still only in the low 50s. The house smells wonderfully earthy and clean and just that small thing has made all of the difference in my mood. The snow is gone and I can just smell spring creeping closer. Today my to-do list doesn't seem so daunting, even with the huge piles of laundry in the living room waiting to be sorted. This weekend will be a productive one. I've lots of consignment sewing to do as well as starting to prepare for my first craft show. The house will get cleaned, the fridge will be stocked with food, the laundry will be put away and I will get out of my pjs at least one day this weekend. It's ok to dream right?


  1. Love that little top, so cute! I almost wish I had another little one to make some of those clothes for...almost!

  2. I love that top - I love the style and I especially love the fabric. Wonderful!

  3. so sweet! makes me wish i was having a girl. i really love the bias tape edging -- gives it such a nice finished look.

  4. that's so pretty!
    how do you feel when you see your little angel playing in the park wearing one of your creations? It must be a great sensation!


  5. Hi!
    I just discovered your blog, and have been looking at lot's of your posts. I'm really loving your artwork, along with your colour sense, the sewing, thrifting and your quilting!
    You asked about wool or cotton for a ripple. Well personally I would find out what colours you want first, then go from there. I prefer wool blankets, but thats me. I just finished my first ripple and I'd love for you to come visit. (you can see it a few posts back)
    Your latest creation is sweet, sweet, sweet.
    Rebecca x

  6. That top is adorable! Love the fabric. I really need to learn how to sew from a pattern…


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