Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What I'm Wearing

This is my first day back to the "normal" routine after a marvelous five day weekend. Every minute I got to spend with my family was wonderful and such a great way to celebrate my birthday! Although, I dreaded getting out of bed this morning knowing that the fun was over and it was time to get back to work. It's better that it's a cloudy day so I don't feel like I'm missing out on too much, haha!

But on to the pictures... I picked this dress up last week at one of my favorite local shops. The Shop Next Door. They sell handmade local goods and super excellent vintage clothing. I consign with them and seem to always leave with something when I go to visit or drop off new things. The owner Heather is such a doll and does an amazing job finding new artists for the shop.

I was so tickled when I spotted this dress on the rack. Two of my favorite colors and it fit me perfectly, score! It was a little more than I normally like to spend on vintage stuff but well worth it for something I really love. And still so much less than buying something new. The flower pin I picked up at an estate sale awhile back and love the way it compliments the dress.

The one thing I'm finding with trying to dress up more often is that I don't have enough shoes! Seriously, for a girl my shoe collection is very lacking. My husband has more shoes than I do, it's quite sad! I struggle with shoe buying. I never find anything at the thrift stores and buying new kind of goes against my program. I may have to make an exception in this case to just get what I really want. Which leads to my next quandary... In the past I've always just bought cheap shoes. Like PayLess cheap shoes. I wear them a few times and they fall to bits and get tossed. So, is it worth it to buy a few pairs of nice expensive shoes or continue buying cheap shoes and be able to have a lot more of them knowing they'll just get tossed? And when I say expensive I mean it. I've been drooling over Fluevog shoes for years, here's a few new ones that have caught my eye...

How amazing would those gray ones look with the dress I'm wearing!? These are the type of shoes you take it to have repaired and keep for a lifetime. Are they worth it? Anyone have any experience with them? Of course the cost ($200 a pair, ack!) would mean that I'd have to save my pennies for a pair at a time... The great shoe debate begins. I would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Don't go for the cheap option. They fall apart in a heart beat and they are not kind to our feet. The grey and the red pairs are lovely and so easy to match!

  2. I'm not much of a girly girl with clothes and such. BUT ... those shoes are making me swoon!

  3. I love that dress on you! And yes the grey shoes would be the perfect match.

    I can't vow for these particular Fluevog styles but I can say that Fluevog shoes are hella comfy and will last forever. These are an investment but they are worth it.

    About 10 years ago I sold my car for $175 so I could buy a pair of Fluevog boots. And I never looked back.

    Let us know what you decide

  4. The shoes look fantastic! I have difficulties finding shoes that I can use because of my feet. My feet are quite broad and doesn't tolerate pressure from the sides. I've found a great shoe brand. -El Naturalista. The price range is the same, but well worth it.

  5. You look adorable in that dress! And I can completely relate to your shoe struggles. I've been trying not to buy shoes at Payless because of the quality, but I often struggle with finding my size elsewhere (I wear size 12).
    I've lusted over Fluevogs and have a few friends that wear them and love them.
    If you are looking for other brands Zappos and their clearance site will be your best friends! Check out Clarks, they do have some really cute styles, are about half the price or less than Fluevogs, and are great quality and incredibly comfortable. I'm also a fan of Camper and Dansko!

  6. A few years ago I was working crazy hours on my feet in cheap shoes opening a bookstore. At the end of day 3 my feet hurt so bad (found out later I had a stress fracture) that I went to the nearest sporting goods store and bought a crazy-expensive (in my world) pair of Merrell walking shoes. My feet thanked me every day and I have never bought another pair of cheap crappy shoes. Not only do the cheapos fall apart, they are bad for your feet - and your back. Buy a good pair of comfy shoes and wear them out. The cost is not that high when you factor in how long they'll last.

  7. Great dress! And as for shoes: get as expensive as you can afford. Not only will they last for ages, and be comfortable for ages, but when they do start breaking, you'll be able to have them repaired. Cheap shoes are very hard to fix properly.

  8. I love your dress! So stinkin' cute!

    As for the shoes, I'm a firm believer in you get what you pay for. I don't have any of that brand, but I know some people who do and they love them. I have a mix of cheap and more expensive shoes, the cheap ones are flip flops and some flats, expensive ones are boots and things I know I'll wear for a long time. I say go for it! :)

  9. Thank you so much girls for your input!! I think I'm going to start a "shoe fund" jar to put my pennies in. :) I'm beginning to see that it's stupid to spend my hard earned money on shoes that will just fall apart.

  10. Fluevogs are worth every penny. Not only do they last but they look fabulous forever. Mine were green and I literally loved them to death.

  11. Go with the good shoes. Take care of your feet, they need to last you a lifefime. :D
    Cute dress!

  12. you know I buy hardly anything full price...I have 4 pair of Fluevogs and I got three of them on sale. they are great, you gotta have good me and let me know your size...whenever I go to reckless I stop by there and check out the sale rack!

  13. Kayanna, you HAVE to buy those grey shoes - they are just so perfect with that beautiful dress. I also have a pitiful collection of shoes, but have spent on the ones I have. It's false eceonomy buying cheap shoes. They look a wreck in a week and are certainly long gone before you are ready for them to be so. Go spend, girl! x

  14. I'm right there with you, my shoe collection is SORRY. I find a few pairs I like then wear the heck out of them.
    Good luck on the purchase decision, I say save and go for it. Don't feel bad to make a new purchase if it's a quality product!


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