Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wonky Star

Sunday I had a wonderfully quiet 3 hours all to myself and I spent it sewing to my hearts content. I made my first ever true patchwork block. There was something so soothing about all of the careful cutting and piecing and something equally satisfying about seeing that perfect little square block in the end. I used some beautiful, beautiful bits of Skinny LaMinx scraps that I recently purchased and some equally beautiful linen I already had. This tutorial made it so simple. 

After the block was finished I turned it into this little zippy pouch.

 It was perfect for "wrapping" one of my mum's birthday gifts and she loved it. I think there will definitely be more of these in my future.


  1. It look great! I love the colors with the natural linen!

  2. Beautiful colour combination and what a lovely way to wrap a present. Lucky Mom!


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