Tuesday, January 10, 2012

30 Before Thirty Update

1. Get more tattoos
2. Grow my hair
3. Learn to spin yarn
4. Overcome my fear of flying (I'm TERRIFIED of flying) 
5. Print the millions of photos on the computer and make my kids photo books
6. Design a line of fabric
7. Finish sewing something for ME
8. Eat better (Less Processed)
9. Talk a walk at least twice a week
10. Design a sewing pattern
11. Refurbish the bathroom
12. Knit a sweater for myself
13. Pay off our two credits cards - ONE DOWN! ONE TO GO! 
14. Bake a pie from entirely from scratch
15. Have a date night with my husband (more than once would be great)
16. Have a family portrait taken
17. Finish decorating the master bedroom
18. Finish reading the Harry Potter series ( I have this thing about not wanting things to end...)

19. Watch Man Men (people keep telling me I'll love it)
20. Take better care of my skin (actually buy some good products)
21. Redesign blog
22. Knit one pair of socks each month for the next year
23. Print and frame my wedding pictures (I got married 9 years ago, seriously, it's about time)
24. Pay my library fines and use the library
25. Write more thank you notes
26. Ride a roller coaster (I'm TERRIFIED of roller coasters)
27. Go on a vacation
28. Learn to make a martini
29. Make pasta from scratch
30. Read at least one book a month

It's been awhile so I thought I'd do a quick update on my 30 Before Thirty list. I've crossed a few things off and few more things are long term projects. I haven't gotten a hair cut since the fall so 

#2 is coming along. I'm at the stage where there's nothing I can do with my hair and it's driving me bonkers. Thankfully it's winter and I can hide under a hat if I have to be seen in public. 

#4 I wouldn't say I'm OVER my fear of flying but I've figured out how to manage it and will no longer let it consume me the way it has in the past. I know I can get through it without a panic attack and just that knowledge makes it easier.

#6 I designed a line of fabric for Cloud9!!!  It's in it's finalization stages and will winging it's way to print soonish. The release has been pushed back to the fall of this year but that gives me tons of time to come up with some fun projects for you. I'll share more soon!

#22 I'm well on my way to knitting a pair of socks each month. I am one month behind but I'm on track to make up for that this month. I've had some really, really wonderful motivation from Amanda, Angela, Amy, Megan and Sharon among others. We're having a little informal sock knitting party via Twitter and Instagram. It's been so fun to see everyone's socks take shape and it's always great to have a group of wonderful ladies to gab about knitting with! 

#30 I've been terrible about reading lately. If I can count audiobooks I'd be doing ok on this one!

I think that's about it for an update right now. I've got about 5 months until my birthday, still plenty of time to knock this list out of the park!!


  1. Ha though I've already reached 30, (alright 31, lol) we have a lot of the same things we want to do. Oh, no.5 - I have been meaning to print family photo books for a while now. Those are better than digital: digital is great the first weeks/days you share them online, but then they're forgotten completely. Oh and about no.9, same here, need to walk more. To bad we don't live in the same city, could be walking buddies...can never have enough pushes/motivations. :)

    Also CONGRATS on the Cloud9 fabric, that's very awesome, yay.

  2. ha! you're doing better than me!! i've crossed, like, two things off my list so far one involved going out for dinner, and the other was taking a holiday. i like to aim low :P

  3. Great list! I finished about 80% of my 30 before 30 list in the month before my birthday. You really get going as the day approaches!


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