Friday, July 11, 2008

Favorite Shoes

Last night my husband and I had what he called a "shoe party". It was not nearly as fun as it sounds, mostly because it involved tossing out sad, old shoes that we don't wear anymore. Or in my case those shoes that I buy with the best intentions and just never wear, like that pair of patent red pumps, or the pixie pirate boots. I should really know better! As we were sorting our shoes into "keep" and "toss" piles the husband came across the above shoes. Now most people would take one look at these shoes, which are no longer safe to wear in the rain due to the gaping holes , and promptly throw them in the trash. However, my wonderful, understanding husband gave me a grin and put them into my "keep" pile without even asking. It's just that these shoes are my absolute favorite shoes and he knows it. I don't wear them that often anymore but when I do put them on it's like reconnecting with an old friend, it's like not a day has past since we last spoke. They're special, I guess for some reason or another. I bought them right after my daugther was born and they're the shoes I wore every day when we first moved to Chicago. For some reason these shoes were the only ones that I could wear that didn't make my feet scream with agony after the hike to the train and back every day. At some point after the holes devloped I actually bought a replacement pair that still look brand new because they've only been worn a few times. They just didn't hold a candle to the original pair.

Short story long, this got me to thinking about shoes. Most of my shoes I can recall exactly where I bought them and where I was in my life at the time. They all have some sort of sentimental value and are all hard to get rid of. So, I'm wondering if everyone has this attachment to their shoes. Do you have a favorite pair that should have been thrown away but you just can't bear to? What are your favorite shoes and why? I want to hear your shoe stories!


  1. oh I have a pair of shoes like that....and believe it or not, I've had them since 7th grade. This next year will be my last year at college and I still put on those babies. They are the old familiar friend that puts a smile on my face every time I open the closet.

  2. Okay, that's just awesome! I hope these puppies last that long!


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