Saturday, July 12, 2008

A "PJ Dress"

I've been so busy crafting for the shop that I've fallen behind on my regular mommy crafting. So, to make up for it I spent the afternoon making Brodi some new pjs. She requested not just any pjs but a "PJ Dress". I let her pick the fabric for it from my stash of flannel that I save for such occasions. She picked this cute mermaid print that I picked up at Joann probably two years ago for $1 a yard. They have some really great sales sometimes and I like to stock up when they do. (It drives my husband nuts!) But hey, when the kid wants new pjs I always have fabric on hand! I also had the pattern, ribbon and bias tape on hand so horray for using up the stash. The pattern is Simplicity 5118. Patterns are another thing I tend to stock up on. Joann and Hancock both have occasional $1 pattern sales and I get as many as they allow. The only thing I really changed about the pattern was the binding around the armholes. I used double-fold bias instead of single and instead of sewing the sleeves on before sewing on the binding I did it the other way around. I wanted to be able to see the contrasting binding all the way around the armhole instead of just under the pits. I also shortened the length so it would be a little cooler to wear in the summer. The pattern was super easy even for my very meager sewing skills and it only took about 2 and half hours from start to finish, not bad! The munchkin is pleased as punch, which is the most important thing.


  1. that's a really cute PJ dress!

    Are those shoes in the last post vans? I have a big thing for vans, I love them. My favourite shoes are by Vivienne Westwood, and are called Pirate Boots (but they are not very piratey). They're flat, they're suede, they are softer than soft, and they are now about 7 yrs old, with I don't know how many new soles, and a small hole that (thankfully) has stayed small. Oh, and 2 new buckles. I will wear them until they are really dead...and then I'll move on to the other pair I have that are yellow, and almost as well worn in.

  2. hi! i came across your blog via your flicker profile via spoonflower! love your style! i'm anxiously awaiting my first spoonflower order!

  3. very cute! i want one for myself. hehe. :)

  4. Musroommeadows:
    Ooohh! An adult sized one would be super awesome!

    Yup, those are my trusty vans, they're just the best shoes EVER! Your pirate boots sound amazingly cute and too wonderful to ever throw away.


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