Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Colorful New Year

It's quiet right now... The baby is napping and the big girl is outside gleefully playing in the snow. The sun is out, the wind is blowing the snow from the trees and I'm finally enjoying my coffee. I live for peaceful times like this and lately they're few and far between. Soon the baby will need me and the big girl will come in and want lunch. The arguing and negotiating will commence (Have you ever tried to negotiate with a five year old? Holy cow, it's non-stop, keep you on your toes, mind-boggling fun! - Insert sarcasm) and my hair will stand on end from the stress of trying to juggle it all. But without the stressful times I don't think I would enjoy the peaceful times so much.

I'm so looking forward to January. It's one of the most peaceful and quiet times of the year. The holiday hustle is over, the big girl will go back to school and life will whipped back into order. Or at least as much order as ever. Chaos will still reign supreme in this house but at least it'll be chaos on a schedule and that I can handle. I'll be hunkering down for the rest of this long winter with my knitting, my kindle, my sewing machine and my babies. I'm not one for New Years resolutions, but I would like to try to be more patient in the coming year. I would like to realize that I can't always be super mom and sometimes the simple things are the best things. I would like to slow down and be able to really enjoy these quiet moments for myself and be thankful for all that I have. For I am amazingly blessed.

As for the above picture, I FINALLY started my color wheel quilt! Horray! The cutting is done and the piecing has begun. So far it's been much easier than I anticipated but don't most things happen that way? It's really brightened my mood to play with such beautiful and colorful fabrics and last night I lay in bed dreaming about where I'm going to hang it. So, here's wishing everyone a colorful and very very happy New Year!

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