Monday, February 1, 2010


I was able to visit with some very lovely friends this weekend while in Chicago. We're all knitters, it's how we met and the topic of discussion always at some point turns to yarn and knitting. My friend Nat said that she realized that while re-washing her only pair of hand-knit socks for the umpteenth time how ridiculous that was and immediately cast on for a new pair. She's like me and gives most of her knitting away, not keeping hardly anything for herself. I laughed with understanding and then shamefully brought up the fact that I have, hiding in my bedside drawer, FOUR mateless hand knitted socks. FOUR. Oh and that beautiful sock in the front... It's been waiting for it's mate for almost three years. Nat rightfully diagnosed me with YDD. Yarn Deficit Disorder. Not only do I get distracted by all the other projects for other people, I get distracted by all the yummy yarn! I fall in love with some beautiful sock yarn, cast on for a pair of socks and then when one is finished some new yarn catches my eye and I stray. It's terribly sad for these orphan socks that end up stuffed inside the dark drawer. And sad for my cold feet. So, the goal is to knit up some mates for these mateless socks. How about one mate a month? I think I can handle that...


  1. I too must be a YDD as I've had the same sock problem and, was lucky enough, to have a lovely girl called Parisa teach me how to knit two socks at once :) Now, I can gladly avoid the 'urgh I have to do that again?!?!' feeling I used to get, at the end of my first sock. Good luck with your 1 mate per month plan! I must say, I absolutely love the top sock in your picture too, and would so like to knit a similar pair for myself - which yarn did you use?

    Happy knitting! Rach x

  2. Hi Rach! Thanks for the great comment. You know what's sad is that I have a book I've never used that's all about knitting two socks at once. I've just been too lazy to learn it, lol! I think I may have to do that one day. That awesome yarn at the top I got on ebay and for the life of me I can't remember what it's called. I'll see if I can find the ball band and get back to you!


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