Monday, March 29, 2010

Inspired Mondays

So, I put the original post I had for this weeks inspiration on the back burner so that I could share this little gem with you. I'm seriously inspired this week by this insanely awesome wreath by Agnes from Knock Knocking. How stinkin' cute is that hedgehog!? And the mushrooms!? Love it.


  1. Very cute! I bought one of her nutcrackers for my daughter for Christmas, and she absolutely treasures it. I especially love Agnes' color choices - particularly for the wooden things she paints, like the nutcrackers and the turned wood mushrooms she has in her shop now. Such fun things to look at!

  2. Kayanna! That is one of the most original wreaths I've seen in a long time, good eye, good find!

  3. Thanks for the mention darlin!!! :)

  4. Love all the textures and combination of colors on it. Beautiful!


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