Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rainbow Binding

Last night after the kids were in bed, instead of doing the dishes or the laundry, or working on the multitude of other projects I made this. It's binding for my Color Wheel Quilt, you know, the one that I finished piecing back in oh, January. My goal is to get it basted and quilted this weekend. It really shouldn't take me that long and it'll feel so good to have it done and have one less thing on my "To Do" list. This is just a really simple pieced straight grain binding. I didn't have enough scraps from the quilt to cut on the bias but considering I don't have any curves to go around I think this will work just fine. I was going to go the lazy way and just use a purchased binding but I figured, if I'm taking the time to make an entire quilt from scratch I should take the time to make the binding as well. All of that color in one little place is making me terribly happy today. I love it! It was also just the thing I needed to get motivated. I'm ready to tackle that laundry and the dishes and all of the other sewing on my list. That is after I finish all the work from my full-time job. Ahhh, the art of juggling.


  1. if only procrastination always resulted in a project this pretty ;)

  2. That quilt is stunning. I can hardly wait to see the finished piece. I have a bin of quilt items that are begging to be put in a quilt but the fear is stronger than the will. After reading this, the itch to get it done is getting stronger. One day I'll conquer the fear.


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