Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiny Signs of Spring

Even though today is cloudy and cold, there are still tiny signs of Spring's approach. In the midwest it seems to come so slowly, teasing us with occasional glorious days of sunshine. In my house however it's in full swing! I've got the heat kicked up, daffodils blooming in a vase and these teeny tiny seedlings have sprouted! I decided this year I'd finally try my hand at growing some edibles. Anyone who knows me will cringe... In the past I've been known to kill a plant or two. I've never successfully kept anything alive. Just the fact that I was able to coax these tiny tomato plants to life from an inert seed has me pretty damn impressed with myself. If they'll actually make it until it's time to move them outside is another matter. But for now I'm babying them, moving their little trays around the house to find the best spots for them to sun themselves and making sure they have plenty to drink, hoping that in July or so they'll reward me with delicious, juicy fruit.

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  1. little seedlings? how exciting! you're so brave. i buy my plants young and sturdy before plopping them into the ground. ; ) good luck with your garden adventures.


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