Monday, May 9, 2011

KCW - Day 1 - Mod Toddler Dress

So, the goal for this KCW is to not spend a dime on new materials. The reasons for this are twofold. First, I have enough fabric to last through a lifetime of sewing and Second, we're pinching pennies around here. I know that I've got enough fabric and materials to make the girls an entire wardrobe of cute summer clothes.

This dress came out pretty much exactly how I imagined it. I wanted to make a super simple mod toddler dress with some really big, bright graphics. None of my fabrics fit the bill so I made some! I hand painted the design on a silkscreen to create the stencil and then screen printed the design onto some plain cotton that I had. I had the perfect pink binding for the armholes on hand as well. The pattern is a slightly modified version of the Simple Dress from Simple Sewing for Babies by Lotta Jansdotter. Modified because part of my pattern was missing (eek). I muddled through it though and I love how it turned out. The neckline and hem are a little too puckery for my liking but it's not horrible. And considering I haven't sewn anything in EONS I'm alright with it. I think I need to adjust the tension on my machine a bit though...

Now, I just need to decide what's up next for Day 2. The big girl has requested some shorts so maybe these? They're pretty stinkin' cute. Are you sewing for KCW? How's it going so far!?

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  1. Really cute - fantastic fabric you have made - and remember no one will see the hem when its on - they will be looking at the dress as a whole and it looks great!
    I just made the little knot shorts for day 1 of the challenge - good for using up fabric scraps and easy to make


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