Thursday, May 12, 2011

KCW - Day 4 - Tea Party Sundress

Otherwise known as "Cutest Dress Ever". I la la love this dress! I bought the fabric for this over a year ago and never got around to making it. Thank goodness I did it know as Miss M is at the largest size and that won't fit her long. I'll definitely be making another one for this summer. As always I can't sing the praise of Oliver + S patterns enough. I've learned more from sewing with their patterns than any other. This was my first time doing princess seams and a faced hem. Things are a bit more ripply and puckery than I would like but other than that I'm really thrilled with how it turned out! That little peek of polka dot lining makes me giddy. I sewed most of this last night after the kiddos were in bed and just put the finishing touches on it this morning, waiting for files to download from work. Talk about multi-tasking!

I can't believe it's Day 4 already. This week has flown and I'm not ready for it to be over! So far, I've only made stuff for my babe and pretty soon my big girl is going to feel left out... I'd better work on that. Hope everyone has a great day!!

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  1. I have this pattern too and haven't been brave enough to start it. Love that you used the little red riding hood fabric.


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