Friday, October 14, 2011

KCWC Jump Rope Dress

I was too busy this week to participate fully in Kid's Clothes Week but I at least wanted to finished something. This Jump Rope Dress has been lingering in the "to finish" pile since the summer. It just needed sleeves and a hem and it was done! Easy peasy and it feels great to have finished something. And even better than I managed to finish it while it still fits my little redhead. The only things I changed were to use the short sleeves from ViewA and I used snaps instead of buttons. (1. Because I'm lazy and snaps are easy and 2. Because snaps are great for a toddler who wants to dress herself) I just have teeny bit of this beautiful Heather Ross print left and I'll be so sad when it's gone. I love everything about it, the design, colors and the weight of the fabric are just perfect. I may have to track down some more! (It's so funny how the lighting makes the fabric look like it's faded at the top, I assure you, it's not)

Check out the Elsie Marley flickr group for some really great kid's clothes inspiration. I've got a bunch more patterns traced that I can't wait to start on soon.


  1. EEK! this is too adorable for words. :)

  2. so very cute!! i linked to your blog in my kcwc inspiration post today. (you can see here


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