Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Lady E

I spent some time last weekend photographing some past projects and will hopefully do the same this weekend. I'm getting a good stockpile, so I'll have plenty to post in the next few weeks!

This is my lovely Lady Eleanor stole from Scarf Style. I knit it usting Noro Silk Garden in color 249. This was an amazingly fun project and I learned a lot of new skills (like knitting backwards! which I highly recommend). It took me about a month of on-and-off knitting to finish, mostly because every few rows I had to stop and admire how lovely the colors are. I absolutely the love the rustic look and feel so I haven't blocked it which I think would smooth it out a little too much. I'm not completely happy with the fringe so I'll most likely rework it. I started with the knotted fringe but it was just a little too fiddly for me and went with a regular fringe instead which I think is just too long. It already engulfs me so I really don't need another 2 feet of fringe and it also tends to tangle quite a bit. All-in-all, quite a satisfying project.

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