Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday!

Just popping by to wish everyone a great weekend. It's been a wonderful week and I hope next week is just as good. I had FOUR orders this week which is just amazing and it makes me feel so good. Unfortunately that also means that I'm out of print making paper and my Retro Wiener Dog print is out of stock temporarily. I've been frantically calling around to see if anyone local carries the paper I use and no one does. I was hoping to eliminate the need for special ordering paper so I'm researching other papers that I can get locally to see if they'll work. I may end up going with a higher-end paper which would mean a slight price increase in the prints but I think it'll be worth it in the end because the end product will be even better.

The pretty flowers above are for the Boba design contest that Spoonflower is having. (info here) It was definitely a good excuse to do some drawing even if I stayed up way too late last night working on it! I truly wish there were more hours in the day... My brain is overflowing with ideas (which is a good problem) and I feel as though there's just not enough time. Especially when most of my day is spent working at my full-time job. But I'm thankful that I have that job, it allows me to take care of my family and I can't lose sight of that, even when I'd much rather be making things for the shop!

Sorry for the rambling post, I seem to be all over the place today. I hope you'll stop back by on Monday. I'm going to start a new feature where I share with you some of the artists / designers that inspire me.

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