Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pretty Little Sleep Shorts

I've been promising my big girl a set of pj shorts for ages and since it's her birthday tomorrow I decided it was high time to make good on that promise. I used some of my favorite vintage linens and whipped up four pairs last night. I also bought some sweet little white camis for her to wear with them. I didn't use a pattern, just kind of winged them based on another pair of pj shorts she has. These babies are so light and soft (not to mention adorable) that methinks I'm going to have to make up some big girl ones for myself!


  1. those are darling kayanna!

  2. oooh you make the most amazing pieces of clothing ! My big boy will turn 8 next Thursday ! time goes by waaaay too fast.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me to your little (um, big) princess ! oxoxo

  3. I love them! And, those fabrics are so pretty! I can't wait until I can just "wing" stuff!

  4. I love these and they are exactly the sort of thing that's been on my mind alot lately! I'd love to make some for my little miss and me too! I keep on the lookout for vintage sheets at my thrift spots - but they all seem to be blended with poly, ick!

    Yours are lovely!!


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