Friday, April 27, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Days 3 and 4

So not much happened on Day 3. My full-time job has been ridiculously busy this week and I've been working a ton of overtime. I did manage to eek this shirt out last night. I needed a sewing break away from the computer! This is another Ayashe top from Figgy's for the oldest girl in a size 8. I love how "boho" this one looks compared to the retro cuteness of my other one. Again, I'm loving how versatile this pattern is! I just used bias for the neck strings and for the bottom and it made such a huge difference.

 It's really funny to me how my children both have their own "colors" that really define them. Mabel (my wee redhead) is all browns, oranges, yellows and greens and Brodi who has very dark hair is my sunshine girl with bright pinks and purples and blues. I'm not a huge fan of pink but I love this madras plaid that I bought at Joann last year. So much I wish I had more to make a top for myself!

And the girl LOVES her new top, so much so she changed her clothes so she could wear it to school. You'll have to take my word for it since it was too dark in the house to get her picture but she looked adorable it it. It's just a nice forgiving fit, comfy with lots of ease for playing. And she loved the way she could tighten the bottom because she hates "poofy" shirts that fly up when hanging upside down on the monkey bars.

(P.S. Sorry for the not so stellar pics. I REALLY need to save up to get a nicer new camera, urgh! I'm taking recommendations for good ones that aren't ridiculously expensive!)


  1. just saw this on pinterest! so pretty.

    as for cameras...have you thought about buying used? i bought my "newest" dslr used and have had no problems at all. good way to save some $ and still upgrade :) oh, and i think your photos look great!

  2. What a lovely lovely top! I think this is the nicest version of the Ayashe I've seen and it's convinced me to go and buy the pattern. Your girl is very lucky!


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