Monday, September 20, 2010

New Prints in the Shop

All of these new prints are now in the shop! More goodies tomorrow.

In other news, over the weekend we made a trip to the animal shelter and fell in love with this used kitty, all 20 pounds of him. He came home with us and has settled in like he's always been here. I have a feeling he's going to be a wonderful studio companion and you'll be hearing lots more about him.


  1. That is one seriously cute used kitty!

  2. awww your kitty is so malty delicious! and he looks very happy indeed :D
    as usual your stuff is fab. i think i have design envy ;)

  3. Gorgeous prints! And what a scrumptious cat!

  4. Oh, does he have a name yet? He is a real tiger!

  5. The calendars are great! Looks like a good Christmas gift for me mom (and hopefully for me too...)!

  6. "used kitty" lol. he is ADORABLE! love those marmalades - they are wonderful companions. he looks very content already. congratulations and thank you for adopting a shelter pal.

    beautiful calendar prints!


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